Four basic facts about luxury vinyl flooring

Four basic facts about luxury vinyl flooring

If you want to transform your home affordably, look no further than vinyl flooring in Cookeville, TN.

Right now, the luxury version is one of the hottest trends on the market. It's said only to get increasingly popular as time passes. 

We're going to break it all down for you. Then, after reading this, you'll decide it's the right choice for your home. 

Affordable high-end style

Luxury vinyl
is nature-inspired, with amazingly realistic images of wood, stone, and tile pop. That's because they're done with high-definition photography, so you'll see every knot, grain, veining, and color variation.

Luxury vinyl flooring has depth and dimension, thanks to modern technology like micro beveling and embossing. The material is cut into floorboard mimics, called LVP flooring or tile-sized squares (LVT flooring).

Many tell us the extra seams add even more to the realism.

All about textures

This is what puts the finishing touches on a wood floor. Embossing enables manufacturers to create looks that are usually done by hand. These include brushed, hand-scraped, distressed, and embossed-in-register.

Waterproof durability

Two of the most sought-after features are available; both forms, including the squares or LVP (sometimes called vinyl plank flooring), can be spilled on or submerged.

As for durability, it's layered and five times thicker than the original product. Over the design sheet is a top, clear, strong melamine coating. It protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents and keeps spills from absorbing.

Low maintenance

All it needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping—installation's easy, too, especially when they become floating floors.

Years of flooring experience in Cookeville, TN

The family-owned Sacco Tile will help you find the ideal flooring for your home. Come into our showroom to see luxury vinyl flooring. You'll see designs like Quick Fit (wood look) by Happy Floors International or Stone Reflections and Carrera Marble by Healthier Choice.

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