Can carpet flooring be customized?

Can carpet flooring be customized?

Carpet is, and always will be, a popular choice among homeowners. But as much as you love it, you want something uniquely yours.

The answer is to customize it by adding a visually attractive border or another design.

Getting what you want, when you want it

Another big reason to customize is to get an exact size and shape to fit your space. Unfortunately, most rooms aren't perfect squares; there are door sills, baseboards, bay windows, closets, and moldings to complicate matters.

Many rugs, unless wall-to-wall, are only available in specific sizes at the carpet store –which may be too big or small for your space.

If you fall in love with something, get it anyway and customize it to fit your room.

Turning your vision into reality

Did you ever have something so specific in your mind that you can't seem to find anywhere? It could be a design, pattern, texture, or even fiber.

With a custom carpet, you're the one in control. It's made precisely to your specifications.

Colors, patterns, designs, and styles to suit every decor

Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for carpet in Cookeville, TN. You'll see designs like Wellington Coastline by BPI Prestige.

Modern technology has enabled the mills to create larger color palettes and digital patterning, eliminating fading. In addition, there are kid-and-pet-friendly and hypoallergenic versions.

Carpeting also reduces noise and insulates temperature. In addition, it provides safety and comfort from falls and enhances indoor air quality.

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